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Blue Topaz Rings

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Boho Silver Rings

Onregular basis we see or hear the word “Boho Rings”, “Boho Jewellery” or “Boho Pendants”
etc. Some of us wonder what the word “Boho” exactly means, where it originated from and why it’s so popular? Don’t worry we are here to solve this little puzzle for you.
Theword “Boho” is the abbreviation for the word Bohemian”. The Bohemian Jewellery comes from Bohemian Culture. The Bohemian style was introduced before two centuries ago which means ethnic, natural, individualism and free-sprit. In simple terms this is a unique style which reflects relaxed, peaceful, natural attitude of an individual towards life, nature and universe.

Our Inspiration

Your next question would be from where the Boho rings are inspired? So here’s the answer: Boho rings are inspired from nature or you can universe which comprises of sun, moon, stars, plants, leafs, flowers, animals, beaches etc. and that’s the reason why you usually see these designs carved on the jewelleries inspired from Bohemian culture.

As we can see that Boho rings got a lot of resurgence in past few years. The team of Boho Silver Rings use 925 sterling silver to make our Boho ring collection which is inspired from recent fashion trends and of course nature. In our rings we use various designs and gemstones which facilitates healing at physical, psychological and spiritual level.
Now you must be wondering will these rings will go with your every outfit. The answer is absolutely YES ! We know you have a lot on your plate to take care of that’s why our team works day & night to create unique designs which can go with any outfit and occasion. If you want
to attend a party or a meeting Boho Silver Rings are just for YOU!

The best part about Boho inspired jewelry is it’s never out of season and looks amazing
every time you carry it because the jewelry uses natural and earthly themes.
Also, these rings are pocket friendly and that’s why you can wear the Boho rings regularly in spite of keeping them locked up in your closet.

Today is not the time where only our cloths make a statement about who we are but our
jewelry is equally important. As we know Bohemian inspired jewelry express our
inner self and our attitude towards life and that’s why the Boho Silver Ring
team has created a wide range of Boho Rings which can light-up your whole look
and will go with every outfit! We offer these rings in various sizes, shapes
and designs so don’t miss the chance to add a wonderful piece of ring in your
we have recently launched our Spinner Ring collection. So don’t forget to check
it out too. To connect with us you can follow us on our Instagram Handle or you
can also email us on
We‘ll be happy to hear your suggestions. Don’t forget to give us your wonderful


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