A Comprehensive Guide for Blue Topaz Stone

A Comprehensive Guide for Blue Topaz Stone

Blue topaz stone is one of the most eye-catching gems because you will find that this optimistic gemstone is affordable and available in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as the oval, circle, triangle, etc. word ‘TOPAZ’ originated from the Sanskrit term “TAPAS” meaning “FIRE”. In ancient times, the word ‘TOPAZ’ referred to yellow gems. Topaz is also known for yellow topaz, golden topaz, brown smoky topaz, sherry red topaz, imperial red topaz, and a few pure pink topaz gemstones. On the scale of Mohs, it comes to 8 which shows its hardness.

Properties of Blue Topaz Stone-

1) Transparency- transparent to translucent

2) Chemical Composition – A12sio4{F.OH2}

3) Dispersion – 0.0014{0.008} 

Blue Topaz as Birthstone –

Blue topaz is the birthstone for those who are born in December. 

Why We Should Wear Blue Topaz Stone?

Why We Should Wear Blue Topaz Stone

It is said that people who deal with writer’s block, can carry or wear Blue Topaz because this gem helps to focus and makes it easier to understand and express things more confidently. Secondly, it is used to remove sadness and nocturnal fears from oneself. 

Is Blue Topaz Affordable to Common Peoples?

Blue Topaz is quite popular when it comes to jewellery and buying purposes because it comes at affordable rates depending on how much grams you want to take Blue Topaz. 

How to Check if Blue Topaz is Fake or Real?

How to Check if Blue Topaz is Fake or Real

As many shady sellers often pass off Blue Topaz gemstone as Aquamarine. So, it is very important to check for it whether it is real or fake.

Here is a beginners guide for how you check whether the Blue Topaz gemstone is real or fake –

1) How to check if it is Fake?

  • If there are any air bubbles trapped under the surface of your gemstone, then it’s fake.
  • If there are any cracks, fractures, or dots in the gemstone, then it’s fake again!

2) How to check if it’s real?

  • You can do a basic test for it. Gently rub the gemstone against a woollen cloth and bring your hair closer to the gemstone. If your hair strand attracts the Blue Topaz gem, then it’s real BLUE TOPAZ GEMSTONE. 

Blue Topaz  as a Gifting Option

It is considered a symbol of Love and Care because it is said to help control health issues related to with throat and head. Secondly, Blue Topaz Gemstone is believed to be a stress and anxiety reliever. Thirdly, it is said to produce harmony, and peace and remove fears of oneself. 

How to Take Care of Blue Topaz Stone at Home

  • Wash with mild soap and warm water.
  • Can do ultrasonic cleaning as well if required.
  • Keep away from exposure to high heat.
  • Keep away from fatal breakouts where it can lead to the breaking of the stone.
  • You can even clean it with warm water as well. 

Who Can Wear Blue Topaz Gemstone?

Anyone, who wants to wear this gemstone can wear it . Moreover, it is the best option for those who are celebrating their 4th anniversary or wedding anniversaries. Basically, it makes a unique option for those who are born in 11th month i.e. November.

Types of Blue Topaz Gemstone

There are basically 2 types of Blue Topaz Gemstone

1) Swiss Blue Topaz

2) London Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone

Swiss blue topaz is an incredible blue-hued variety of topaz gemstone. It personifies the energies of the brain and the knowledge. This gemstone is way too important for lover’s life because they embed them in harmony and peace together. It can be used in rings, necklaces, bracelets etc. 

London Blue Topaz

London blue topaz is way too much in demand and that’s why it is slightly costly as compared to normal blue topaz gemstone. London topaz keeps a sense of adding more sense in jewellery as it has tendency to attract more eyes on it . 

Does London Blue Topaz Breaks or Cuts Easily?

Being an 8 on Mohs Scale it tends to have an perfect cleavage ,i.e. they are more vulnerable to cuts and fractures on it .

Benefits of Wearing Blue Topaz Stone

  • Basically it is said to improve one’s self confidence.
  • It is said that , it aids in healing disorders of throat and neck .
  • It Is said to heal eating disorders or loss of appetite.
  • It is also know that it remove writer’s block .
  • It relieves the body from tension , anxiety and depression etc.
  • Due to it’s alluring blue-hued colour, it have a tendency to own a cool and calming effects .
  • It is also a modern youth problem of short temper ; it is said that it have power to calm down short tempered peoples .
  • It removes communication barrier from oneself.
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