How to Care For an Opal Ring

How to Care For an Opal Ring

Who doesn’t fall for an opal ring and we all have an opal Jewellery in our closet with full fire and multiple colours. So many people asks us “How to care for an opal ring”. No matter how beautiful these opals are but these little beauties are more delicate then other gemstones but still these can be worn on regular basis if you follow some simple rules to take care of opal rings so that these look amazing for years to come.

Tips to take care of an opal Ring

How to Care For an Opal Ring

We all are drown towards the flashes of colours an opal comprises of. Here are the few tips which might help you in taking care of your opal rings, so let’s dive into it.

Cleaning Opal Ring

Opal rings must be cleaned with due care. To clean the opal ring use a mild detergent and mix it in warm water. After making this solution use a soft cloth and gently clean it and then dry it. Also, you can go for Professional polishing. You can go for this option if you’re wearing your opal ring for a long time and it got scratches and dullness then professional polishing will give your opal ring a brand new look.

Wearing opal ring while sleeping

We know after a long tiring day sometimes we forget to remove our opal rings but you know it can harm your opal ring. Yes you heard right! It’s surprising as while sleeping our movement damages the opal ring. Like you can knock your ring on some hard surface like wall or bed edges. So don’t forget to remove your ring before you go to bed.

Storing jewellery together

We know it’s really convenient to store all your jewellery accessories together to save time but you know this is another a big mistake which can damage your precious opal ring, as other jewelry can make scratches against the opal and damage it sooner or later. So make sure to wrap your jewellery items individually and then you can keep them together at a same place/bag as it’ll eliminate the chances of damage.

Don’t wear opal ring while doing hard work

Do you know opals are more delicate then sapphires and diamonds and that’s why they can get chipped easily. So we recommend you not to do some hard work while you have your opal ring on your hand.

Buy ethically sourced opal ring

To safeguard your opal ring its really necessary that you buy only ethically sourced opal made rings only. It will help you in making sure that your opal rings stays for a longer period. We at Boho Silver Rings ethically source natural opals from an Ethiopian mining collective which are then cut and polished at our supplier’s lapidary.

Don’t expose your opal rings to other chemicals

As we know that opals are porous and that’s why it’s necessary to make sure not to immerse opal ring into the water to clean it. As we discussed earlier that you can use a soft cloth to clean your opal ring. In case you have an Ethiopian opal ring then then you should know that Ethiopian opals are very different than other varieties of opals available and hence these cannot get wet. Also, opals can crack if they are exposed to very rapid changes in the temperatures like showering or doing dishes. If you expose your opal rings to chemicals then these chemicals can cause discolouring of your opal.

Extra protecting tip

In case you want to store your opal ring for a longer period of time than you can simply the ring in a padded cloth pouch or bag for extra protection. If you want to store your opal rings for longer storage period, you can place your opal wrapped in a cotton wool and don’t forget to add few drops of water in it and afterwards put it into a sealed plastic bag to extra safety. We added few drops of water in cotton as it will prevent water coming out of the opal if it’s exposed to very low humidity conditions (environment). This tip will do wonders in protecting your opal in case you want to store it for a very long period of time.

As now you know that taking caring for opal rings is easy and these tips will help you in keeping your opal ring lustrous. All you have to do is clean them once in a month and follow all our tips and that’s all! We hope our little guide titled “How to care for Opal Ring” has been helpful to you. Boho Silver Rings have a lot of beautiful opal rings collection awaiting for you. Do check them out! Also feel free to contact us if you have any further questions for us, would be glad to resolve them. Take Care!

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