Peach Sapphire Vs Morganite: What’s to choose?

Peach Sapphire Vs Morganite: What’s to choose?

Whenever it comes to choosing the perfect gemstone for your lovely ring, there is a huge list of gems to pick from but it’s not easy to compare all the gems in one go right and it’ll even make things hard for you. So here we are again to present the difference between the two most demanded gems that is Peach Sapphire & Morganite. And yes don’t worry by the end of this blog you’ll be able to choose the best one which best suits your collection.

Peach Sapphire

Peach Sapphire is also referred as Champagne Sapphire. This beautiful Peach Sapphire is found in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. This gemstone comprises of the elements of chromium and iron which gives it the orange-pinkish hue which glimmers in various types of lights. This gem is most sought after all the rarest shades of sapphires available which makes it more attractive.

Peach Sapphire symbolises creativity, love & acceptance. Its peachy shades just give the spark and passion at the same time.

As of now we know one side of the story so let’s move on to the next one which is Morganite.


If someone asks me what are the three magical words which describe Morganite the best then my answer would be: Pink, Pretty & Delicate. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?

These gorgeous beauties range in a few different shades of pink but the most loved shade is the lighter peachy pink side. Some of them comprises of the yellow or orange tints and to overcome them the stone is heat treated to get that perfect blush colour.

Morganite this rare but is a semi-precious gemstone which made its way into the hearts of people who desperately need something different then diamond.

Let me tell you a little secret: This semi-precious gemstone is known for the energy of divine love and compassion which means if you gift this Morganite ring to your love then you are showing his/her how much they really mean to you.

So what are you waiting for don’t miss the chance to show your love how much you love him/her.

Peach Sapphire VS Morganite

As we are now aware of the significance of both these beautiful gems so let’s start comparing them to choose one which best suites YOU..!!

Peach Sapphire


Peach Sapphires usually comprises of inclusions.

Morganite do not encompasses inclusions that are visible.

It encompasses excellent strength and durability.

It’s quite durable but needs to protect it from hard things.

It symbolises loyalty and sincerity

It symbolises love and compassion.

Peach Sapphires are expensive.

Morganite is quite affordable.

It undergoes heat treatment to soften purple tones.

It undergoes heat treatment to achieve richer tones.

These come under the precious gemstone category.

These come under the semi-precious category.

These are extremely popular amongst celebrities.

These are less popular than pink sapphires.

A little piece of information: However pink sapphires are extremely popular and costlier but it's quite difficult to find them without any inclusions and flaws. On the other hand, Morganite is less popular and even affordable which makes it the best choice for styling your looks on day to day basis.


As we have gone through various angles and understood everything we need to know before choosing which one to buy from Morganite and Peach Sapphire. We hope Boho Silver Rings work helped you in arriving at the conclusion on which one to buy from Morganite vs Peach Sapphire.

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