Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Meaning

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Meaning

Everyone wants accessories which suits their personality like some women fall in love with the classic round while some fall for the beauty of oval. Now a day’s brides love pear shaped engagement ring for their wedding ring as they want the ring which reflect their personality as well as look classy on regular basis. But most of us confuses this exquisite shape and ask is there any specific meaning or symbolism attached to this particular shape because of its popularity. Some brides also asks how to make sure that pear shape engagement ring is for you. Relax, we are here so if you are thinking of buying or gifting a pear shaped engagement ring stay with us till the end..!!

What Is Pear Shape?

First of all it’s important to know what a pear shape is. Pear shaped gemstones are the elegant fusion of round shape and dramatic marquise cut. This shape looks rounded from one end and pointed on the other end. To understand it better you can imagine a teardrop shape diamond. Isn’t it quite pretty. As the pear shape is elongated, it gives the wearer’s figure slimmer and longer look. In case you are looking for eye catching ring which soothes your figure and personality then you should go for pear shape.

Meaning Of Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

As we discussed earlier that pear shape looks like a teardrop. Pear shaped gemstones symbolises tears of joy and that’s why related to love, marriage, friendship and happiness. This shape represents connections and emotional bond. Due to its unique shape, pear shaped gemstones stands out from the crowd.

Pear shaped rings are super perfect for the people who wants to stand out of crowd and it also represents elegance, romance and individuality. It’s been seen that people who go for these rings are found to be confident, adventurous and loves to live life fully.

As now you know the meaning of pear shape and what it symbolises hen it would be really easy for you to embrace its uniqueness by buying one for yourself or your fiancée.

Why Go For A Pear Shape

We think only the meaning and symbolism of pear shape is not enough to go for a pear shape engagement ring right. So here are some of the reasons which will help you in understanding why this shape is popular. Let’s begin..!!

Elongated Gem:  As we saw that this shape is a fusion of round shape and dramatic marquise cut which helps in distributing the weight quite well, which in turn allows it look bigger in shape compares to the other shapes available in the market. This shape ensures that you buy more and save less when we talk about gemstone. Also as we saw that due to its elongated shape it gives the wearer’s figure slimmer appearance.

Maximum Brilliance: Pear shaped gemstones are cut in an excellent style which features up to 58 facets. Isn’t it surprising but these cuts give it sparkly look. So by buying a pear shaped ring you can expect a lot of radiance and sparkles.

Find Pear Shape Ring Of Your Dreams

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