Ruby vs Sapphire

Ruby versus Sapphire: Which One to Choose?

We have heard so many people debating on Ruby Verses Sapphire but they don’t realise that both the ruby and sapphire have the similar chemical composition and mineral structure too.

If we speak scientifically then both the rubies and sapphires are the varieties of corundum in a crystalline form of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) which encompasses trace elements like iron, chromium or titanium. Due to presence of these impurities the range of colours are found in corundum crystals like blue, green, grey, brown, yellow, red, pink and purple.

Ruby V/S Sapphire

As we now know the similarities between both these highly demanded gemstones so now let’s get into understand how these both gems differ from each other.


Let’s begin our differentiation from colour onwards. Sapphires most popular colours consists of pink, salmon and blue. While if we talk about Rubies then Pigeon blood is the most valued colour. Generally other rubies have purplish – red hue.


If we talk from the hardness prospective for sapphires then these score 9 on Mohs Scale, which means its exceptionally durable and strong. On the other hand rubies also scale 9 on Mohs Scale which means these are also exceptionally durable. As we know that Diamonds are the hardest occurring natural gemstones and after it sapphires wins the game and gets the credit and then comes the ruby.


Rubies are well known for its bold color and dramatic beauty it encompasses. We can also say that rubies are the “king of gemstones”. While if we talk about sapphires then symbolises romance, royalty as well as luxury.


As we know that both these gems encompasses the impurities but when it comes to sapphires the inclusions are easily visible and are easy to trace flaws. Rubies also have inclusions which are easily visible.


Sapphires are usually seen worn by the top celebrities and is widely used for engagement and wedding rings from ages till now which is surprising right. But don’t worry Rubies are still in the game which means they are also very popular and widely used and that’s why it’s the part of “BIG THREE GEMSTONES” which is its topmost Unique Selling Propositions.


As we have discussed both these highly popular gems on various parameters so now let’s talk about their affordability. As we know untreated and nature sapphires are very rare and hence are very expensive. While the high quality rubies are also very rare that’s why a ruby can cost you even more than a diamond. We know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Decision Time

We did our research and differentiated both the gems on different parameters. So it’s time for you to decide that if you get your hands on ruby or sapphire which would you rather choose? We know it’s quite difficult to decide.

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