SAPPHIRE VS EMERALD Which gem to choose?

SAPPHIRE VS EMERALD Which gem to choose?

We all know sapphire and emerald both belongs to the precious gemstones category but do you know that both these gems are featured in crown jewels. Both of these gems are amazing to look at and are equally important at their own place. It’s also a dream of so many people to own a sapphire or emerald but if you get a chance to choose any one which of them will you certainly choose? We understand your dilemma and that’s why we are here to assist you through this confusion by doing a comparative analysis for both these beauties. So let’s get started.

Sapphire V/s Emerald: Key Differences

Let’s differentiate both the gems on the basis of some points which includes:

  1. Hardness
  2. Colour
  3. Clarity
  4. Treatment
  5. Symbolism
  6. Affordability
  7. Popularity


Let’s begin our differentiation from the hardness prospective. If we talk about sapphires then it scales 9 Mohs which means this is exceptionally strong. On the other hand emerald scales 7.5 to 8 Mohs which means that emeralds are also fairly strong but less stronger than sapphires.


Now let’s come to the next point that is colour. Sapphires most popular colours include Pink, Salmon and Blue. While the best quality emeralds show bluish green hue which looks pretty classy right.


Next point comes is clarity. It’s very common to find flaws or inclusions in sapphires in form of gases or liquids which are easily visible. If we talk about clarity in case of emeralds then even good quality emeralds also encompasses eyes visible flaws or inclusions.


If we talk from the treatment prospective then in case of sapphires then usually 95% of the sapphires are heat treated for enhancing their colour or to improve the clarity of the gem. Also emeralds go through treatments to improve their colour quality and clarity.


Each and every gemstone symbolises something in the same way sapphires symbolises luxury, romance and royalty also. If we think of emeralds then these bluish green beauties symbolises peace, abundance and rebirth which is quite interesting right.


From the affordability prospective sapphires which are untreated and completely nature are very rare to discover which makes them extremely expensive. While the best quality emeralds are also famously expensive too.


Now comes the popularity of sapphires. Some of us have seen these beautiful gem on the hands of celebrities we stalk and follow. But don’t worry it’s not that only the celebrities can wear sapphires. Sapphires are also very frequently bought for engagement or wedding rings also. As they depicts romance and luxury at the same time. Now you must be think then are the emeralds less popular then the answer is absolutely NO. Emeralds are the part of “Big Three Gems “which makes it also popular though.

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