What Are The Parts Of A Ring?

What Are The Parts Of A Ring?

Whenever we go out for buying a ring, usually what attracts most is the design and the gemstone attached to it. But do you know that there are other aspects of the ring which do not get that much of attention. Now you must be wondering what these parts of a ring are? Don’t worry that’s our job to explain, so let’s begin.


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Parts Of A Ring

Ring Anatomy comprises of the following parts:

  1. Centre Stone
  2. Head
  3. Settings
  4. Shoulders
  5. Girdle
  6. Side Stone
  7. Shank
  8. Accent Stone
  9. Gallery
  10. Bridge
  11. Sizing Area

Centre Stone

By just seeing the name you can easily tell which part of the ring we are talking about. YES you are right. We are talking about the precise centre stone on the ring, which catches our attention. Usually, this is the largest stone which is secured in the middle of the shank. A centre stone can be any gemstone like diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal etc. It’s not necessary that only because of the centre stone we choose the ring but the accompanied little gemstones also add a sparkling desire to buy that ring.


The next part comes in play is the head. Head is the part of the setting which holds the centre stone on its place. There are various categories of head which are used in setting the centre stone like claw head, prong head, basket head, channel head or bezel. The most popular is the prong head because it allows the maximum light entry. It is available in various styles like double prongs, rounded prongs, square prongs, V prongs and flat prongs. The head part not only ensures the centre stone safety but also contributes to the overall design of the ring.


Important tip for you guys: Setting is also known as mounting, which supports the centre stone. Setting extends from shank and provides ring a distinct outlook from front. Setting plays an important role by providing a luxurious and vintage feel to the ring.


Next part of the ring is the shoulders and these are the top two sides of ring which forms the beginning of the shank. I know it might be difficult to understand but don’t worry think of it like as the shoulders of a human. Usually, these are embellished with different diamond accents which enhances the beauty of our centre stone. Shoulders can be the part of entire band or they can link the ring setting to the band.


When we see the ring from top, the part of the gem which creates the outline is called as the girdle. Do you know that a thin girdle is vulnerable to chipping? But a think girdle limits the interaction of light with the gemstone attached to the ring. In simple terms head of a setting secures the gemstone by its girdle.

Side Stones

Many people confuse side stones with accents. Side stones are the part of ring which are found on either side of our centre stone. Side stones comprises of usually mini gems or mini diamonds which enhances the overall design of the ring and enhances the look of the centre stone.

Shank Stone

The band or the shank is that part of the ring which goes around our figure. Shanks are designed in many beautiful ways like split shank, tapered, double shank, bypass, infinity rope, criss cross, knife edge shank and the other designs. The most important part of shank is to provide security that the ring fits the wearer properly. Now a day’s people use the inside of shank for inscription like engagement date, name or some message.

Accent Stones

I know you must be wondering what these are? These are the little stones which are placed along the gallery and ring’s shank. These stones enhances the sparkle of the centre stone and enhances the elegance of the ring. These are showcased in different settings for example: shared prong, channel, pave and others.


Gallery is the part which in underneath the centre stone. This can be seen from side and front profiles of ring. This part sits over the top of the figure and is decorated with various kinds of accents and detailing.


Next comes the bridge and it’s the part of ring which in even underneath gallery. It provides a front view of the ring. It can be plain or can be embellished with tiny gems or detailing.

Sizing Area

Last but not the least is our sizing area, which is the base of the shank. It’s the part which jeweller use to cut and resize the ring. It’s really very important part which should be considered for tapered bands and full eternity.

Little Activity

Now as we very well know about the parts of a ring so let’s do a little activity wherein you have to write at least 6 parts of ring. By doing this you will be able to figure out what parts you understood and what not.

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