What Is Aquamarine Gemstone? Healing Benefits And Emotional Support

What Is Aquamarine Gemstone? Healing Benefits And Emotional Support

1) What Is Aquamarine Gemstone?

Looking at these transparent and most alluring ocean gemstones, you can almost see the shores of an idyllic island.

Moving to its word origin; it came from a Latin word,” AQUA”, meaning water or marina, which refers to “FROM THE SEA”. That’s why these graceful gemstones are the most unique gemstones among the other gemstones.

2) Formation Of Aquamarine

As most of the other gemstones are formed inside the earth, the same goes for aquamarine stone as it forms inside the earth as well. It is formed in a variety of rocks, consisting of both metamorphic and igneous rocks.

3) Why Is Aquamarine Blue?

As it came from the Latin word ‘AQUA’, the meaning is water and so the color of the water is blue, so that’s why it’s Aquamarine. Heading from the pastel blue to the main Aquamarine color consisting of a little green are the shades of color ranging.

4) Aquamarine Healing Perks

Associated with healing properties towards the respiratory organs consisting of sinuses, breathing, lungs, and throat. The aquamarine gemstone holds the power for mitigating cold and fever, and healing lungs and sore throat. To get effective results, it is suggested to wear for a protracted amount of time.

This gemstone consists of soothing properties as well. So, it deals with gum and teeth issues, thyroid, balancing hormone production, and growth.

5) Emotional Healing Properties

Being the gemstone with Emotional healing properties, it helps you deal with problems that cause trauma or suffering. Wearing it for a prolonged period also will help you deal with abusive people and help you to unveil the truth behind them. Your communication skills will also get improved and it will be easy to talk with your family, loved ones, and friends.

6) Aquamarine As A Courage Stone

The beautiful blue-hued gem is also known as a courage stone because it strengthens your inner abilities and builds a softcore as well for kindness. The aquamarine stone works with the throat chakra to keep your voice substantial and brings firmness to your soul.

7) Birthstone And Zodiac For Aquamarine

Being the Traditional birth gemstone for those who are born in October and the Modern Birth gemstone for those who are born in March. Zodiac signs that are associated with Aquamarine gemstone are Aquarius, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces.

8) Benefits Of Wearing Aquarius Gemstone

From arcane and magical properties to bettering a person’s personality and treating common disorders. This gemstone is a must beneficial for the immune system.

9) How To Clean Aquamarine Stone?

Making your favorite gemstone last for a longer time, you have to take good care of it as well.

There are many ways through which you can clean your aquamarine rings easily –


     Yes, we can clean the aquamarine ring at home, It just includes very easy


  1. Take warm water in a cup and add a little soap to it.
  2. Place your aquamarine ring in the solution of soap and water.
  3. Leave it for a minute or two.
  4. Take a brush and clean it very mildly, it will allow the brush to remove dust and particles.
  5. Next; after cleaning the stone, wash it in running water from the tap.
  6. After washing, pat dry with a dry cloth.

10) How Regularly We Should Clean The Aquamarine Ring?

If you are wearing the ring daily then remember, not to fracture or scratch the aquamarine stone easily. And; secondly, daily usage of lotion, cosmetics, etc. will go in the stone as well. So, remember that you should clean the aquamarine ring once in the weak to avoid it making dusty. The polishing of Wedding and anniversary rings is necessary as well, so you can contact your nearby vendor for a thorough polishing for it.

11) Value And Worth Of Aquamarine Gemstone?

Scoring an 8 on Mohs Scale for its hardness, it has a chemical make-up of Be3AL2SI6018 and attracts the sober eyes, the value of Aquamarine gemstone ranges from $100 to $250 per carat under 5 carats of small aquamarine stone. Large stones have deeper colors than the lightest colors and tend to be sold at more prices. But if you want an affordable range and discount you can check here for it as well- Faceted Round Aquamarine Ring

12) Using It At Home And Office

We can also keep the aquamarine stone in the room as well because it alleviates the room so quickly. Secondly, if you are not able to sleep due to stress it can make you help in sleeping as well. Working in the office can be havoc too on Mondays, so you can take the aquamarine stone in your office helping tool as well. 

13) Effective Sites To Shop The Aquamarine Ring From

As we want to take these striking and observable silver rings at a lower cost you can find these at many sites probably. But for me, I would consider checking this site as well for many amazing offers waiting for you.

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